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Welcome to Icy Tundra Cyber Shopping Mall. The malls serves USA, UK, Canada Shopping networks and selective global services like domain registration and hostings and skilled workers training. 
  As a revolutiionay measure we like to make icytundra customers to get free classifieds, free directory listings and rentals -real estate listings which all category shoppers really need.
  Say when a shopper buys for 100$ we offer a silver lsiting in classifieds -1 month, directories -1 year and reasl estates - 1 month.
    When a vistor buy for 1000 $ in any shop  we offer gold listing (displaying ads in a slide show at home page) and displaying ads in dynamic google map in home page for rentals and property listings. Many classifieds and directories do not have these features. They are not going offer free even a decade later. 
    I hope Cyber mall shoppers surely enjoy with these benefits. All shoppers of icytundra, tinytundra, tinywaves and icytiny group are the beneficieries for the above.


Free Classifieds, directory sites are ready for shoppers for free listing.

A free listing with limited features available for all vistors.


Icy Tundra Mall is run by Tiny Waves Global E-Serices Incorporation, Canada.

Our groups are

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Why Us

  • icytundra mall offers a cheaper price than many competitors
  • Millions of products, thousands of f deals and offers, hundreds of discounts at one place
  • Access of US markets for global customers
  • Icy tiny domains and hosting for global customers at cheaper price
  • Any one can start a web business without a web site, no annual fee just with 25$ usable deposit start selling anything from icytiny.com.  Resgister at icytiny.co resellers group.

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