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Customers: All customers from icytundra, tinytundra, tinyreals, icytiny, tinywaves and elliottwaves of our group will get  same offers.

  • Customer who make purchases for 100$ or more are eligible for a free listing in our following plans
  • Say a house owner / builder  may get a free listing for rentals & Real estate listings in US / UK/ canada where required
  • Say a tenant who is looking for house may also list freely  in the above plan
  • A businessman / professional why purcahse 100$ or more may get listed free in classifieds or Directory Listings
  • For Businessmen who purcahse more than 1000$ we offer you a gold listing in our directory or classifieds. Your business will be displayed in slide show from the home page.
  • Similarly house / apt owners , real estate builders will get a free Gold listing in real estate site.
  • BUY for 1000$ , give the details of purcahse, Get a gold listing say get displayed your ads in Home page slide show.

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